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Interior Trends in 2020

Are you curious which interior trends are gone for good and which are here to replace them in 2020? Learn more by reading our article about the topic!

1. The popularity of monochrome style is ongoing, but it indeed does matter, which colours we are opting for. 

IN: vibrant, bold colours, for example: cobalt blues, olives, bright yellows

OUT: pale, sheer colours, for example: blushy pinks, whites, greys


2. The biggest transformation has occurred in the case of colour palette shift this new decade, completely different tones and shades are becoming desirable.

IN: earth colours

OUT: cool tones


3. Colour trends are also relevant as for doors, plain, boring doors and windows have to go. 

IN: deep, dark coloured doors

OUT: standard, basic white doors


4. Sustainability is fortunately creeping into interior trends as well, it is time to get yourself some real and alive plants to decorate your apartment with.

IN: real plants

OUT: faux plants 


5. The trend of using marble patterns is still prospering, but on the contrary to plants, as of marble the fake option is the real deal here.

IN: faux marble

OUT: real marble


6. The way rooms and spaces are being created has gone through quite a change too, it is not mandatory to follow all the outmoded rules anymore.

IN: multifunctional spaces

OUT: one-functional, classical spaces


7. Bold colour schemes are gaining ground in the kitchen too, we can either pair our classical, white domestic appliances with some others in striking colours, or we can choose to have a playful and colourful refrigerator as a main piece.

IN: prominent colours, colourful domestic appliances

OUT: classy, elegant colours


8. Open spaces are preferable this year in the kitchen area, closed cupboards are being replaced by open shelves.

IN: shelves

OUT: classical kitchen cupboards


9. Elegance is the core principle of bathroom interior design as of 2020, so picking copper - brass - elements is still fashionable.

IN: brass

OUT: copper 


10. The age of classical furniture has officially came to its end, both in the kitchen and the bathroom.

IN: black bathtub

OUT: white bathtub