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  • Is your service free of all charges?
    Yes, it is free and always will be. No hidden costs or extra charges will be added. All of our services are gratuitous.
  • How is my advertisement seen by the agents?
    First you need to register and upload your advertisement. Afterwards your advert will be connected to an agent database through our inner system.
  • How many agents will see my advert?
    We have a huge database that you can chose the best offer from. More than 20,000 agents will see your advert(s).
  • Why is it profitable for me to sign up?
    It is beneficial for you to sign up because you spare time and money as well. You do not need to see a lot of agents, they will come to you at the same place to give you the best offers. You will receive numerous tenders within a short time.
  • Can I delete my advert?
    Yes, of course you can delete your advert. When you succeeded in choosing the best offer for you, your advert will be deactivated.
  • Can I choose from the offers?
    Obviously you choose the best offer for you. You can do all this without charges and in a database of more than 20,000 agents.
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You have two different ways to advertise on You can decide whether you want to take over control or you leave it to registered agents at
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