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New decade in the spirit of minimalism

Minimalism has been spreading more and more over all walks of life, including interior decoration as well. Here are some of our tips that will help you enjoy the soothing, relaxing effects of the minimalist style.

Functionality and practicality

One of the most important main pillars of minimalism is that you surround yourself with objects and furniture that you really need. It's always tempting to buy the most fashionable pieces of furniture or the newest ornaments in the living room, you can skip them, since they bring no real functions to the table.


Pastel colors

Minimalism is not only a style of internal decoration, but a lifestyle as well. The way your house looks has an effect on your mood, too, so the minimalist style prefers pastel colors. These colors radiate calmness, so your home can truly be the place where you can recharge your batteries. Such colors are white, beige, light gray and earth color with their different shades.


Unusual structures

Many people shy away from the minimalist style because they deem it too predictable, too boring. This is far from the truth, however. The baldness of this style is the different structures themselves. This could come in the form of a chandelier with an interesting shape or a bedrest that has a special layout.


Natural light

On of the main characteristics of minimalism are well-lit spaces, so the proper lighting is of paramount importance. The best is when you have enough natural lights in the different rooms of the apartment, so, together with light colors they result in a spacious, calming place.

If, due to the layout of your apartment, this is not viable, you can use artificial lights as well. Be careful, however, not to overdo it, since the most important aspect here is minimalism.


Natural materials

Minimalism and natural materials go hand in hand, preferring them to artificial ones. In addition, they are a perfect fit for the minimalist style, since they usually represent pastel colors. The most common material is wood, wool and linen.


Avoid the saturation of the room

This tip is kind of self-evident if you are dealing in minimalism, but many people misunderstand this aspect of the style. This means more than not hoarding unnecessary things - it is also about how you decorate your place with the ones that you have, the ones that are really necessary.

Put books, pictures and other things on your shelves spaciously - the things you don't use every day and are not part of the decoration should be put into storage. This does not mean that you should put all your stuff into the bottom of a wardrobe, but to sort your things.


Sort your things

If you are really aiming for a minimalist style in your home, you cannot avoid getting rid of some unnecessary things. Be careful, though, to put as few things in the garbage as you can - instead, you should give them away to the people in need.

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