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Housewarming gift ideas

When your loved one moves into a new home - especially if this is their first home - they need a lot of things, so decorative or useful gifts might come handy.

However, always make sure that you are familiar with the style of the person and their home, too. If you are unsure, then choose a practical gift. These are some of our favorites.


The kitchen is one area of ​​the apartment where it's really easy to buy gifts. From smaller household appliances to small, designer accessories - everything is useful.

Household Appliances: If your friend loves to hang out in the kitchen, they will surely enjoy the latest kitchen frenzy; however, if they are just getting to know the science of cooking, you might want to surprise him with some basic equipment.

  • kettle
  • toaster
  • coffee maker
  • sandwich maker
  • botmixer, smoothie
  • smoothie maker

Basic Kitchen Equipment: For a first home, there are plenty of things to buy in a kitchen, even if you are considering the basic equipment only. Therefore, there are plenty of useful things to choose from, even if they already have one of a certain item. It's a good idea to know the colors that dominate their home and buy accordingly.

  • salt and pepper shaker
  • napkin holder
  • coasters
  • spice rack
  • bottle opener and corkscrew
  • wooden spoons
  • pot-gloves, apron
  • plates, glasses or cutlery sets



Although the bathroom is a more intimate area than the kitchen, you can still surprise your loved one with some smart gifts. Although a spa or cosmetic set is often a great gift, it is more ideal to have a household item for a housewarming party.

  • quality towels
  • robe with house slippers (maybe with a monogram)
  • bathroom mat
  • matching soap dish and toothbrush to match the bathroom


Living room

The living room is a central part of the apartment and most of the homes are dominated by decorative objects instead of household objects. However, if you are familiar with the style of your friend, you can still choose wonderful gifts.

  • smoking table
  • bookshelf
  • decor carpet
  • cushions
  • wall clock



As with the living room, the decorative elements are the decisive factor here. So, in this case, it is extremely important that you know the person's taste very well, since neither of you would benefit from a gift that would end up at the bottom of a closet.

  • bed linen
  • bedspread
  • cushions
  • night light
  • puff, ottoman (some types can serve as storage space, too)



Usually this is a room that people forget about when they are shopping for gifts. As small as this room might be, there is so much potential there for gifts.

  • door mat (e.g.: Home Sweet Home)
  • wall mount key chain
  • catch
  • shoe cabinet
  • umbrella stand